Executive Board
Neil Berman is an attorney who works with the National Lawyer's Guild and is active fighting for civil and human rights. He is working closely with CDC to provide affordable legal services to communities committed to rights-based organizing.
Joby Gelbspan has been an activist since she was a teenager, and is a former Board member at InFact (now Corporate Accountability International). She decided to see what the other side was like, and earned a Master's Degree in Accounting and an MBA. She is currently working as an auditor and accountant in one of the largest accounting firms in the United States. She is developing a broad overview of the issues, and brings an important perspective to our work.
Smilia Marvosh is a painter, sculptor, display artist, an organic gardener and lover of the Earth. She was activated by the 50-ton truck sent her way by a multinational mining company which owns a 160-acre quarry that disrupts the life of her community with noise, diesel toxins, and silica dust. Three years ago she co-founded the Coalition for the Health of Aggregate Industries Neighbors (C.H.A.I.N), and is determined that her community decide its future without the overbearing influence of a wealthy, well-connected corporation.
Adam Sacks has been a manager of political campaigns, a software developer and Fortune 100 refugee, a holistic physician, a small business owner and artist. As well as a member of the Board, Adam is CDC's Executive Director.
Nancy Lee Wood is a professor of sociology at Bristol Community College in Massachusetts. She is a leading on-campus advocate of permaculture, sustainability and dealing with the challenges of peak oil.
Mary Zepernick describes herself as "a former history teacher doing penance" and grapples regularly with the myths of American history. She is a former president of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), an active member of Cape Cod WILPF, and a principal of the Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy (POCLAD). She brings valued facilitation and networking skills to CDC, not to mention great spirit and determination!
Advisory Board
Bill Densmore is a former corporate vice-president and general manager, has been a non-profit consultant and served on twenty-five governing boards of educational and community organizations. He is a founding member of Responsible Wealth which addresses our growing wealth gap and the excessive influence of big money. He and his wife Martha have lived in Worcester since 1949 and have three children and four grandchildren.
Charlie Derber is a professor of sociology at Boston College and a dedicated activist working with unions and civic groups. He is a prolific scholar in the fields of political economy, international relations and society, and author of eight books. Be sure to watch for his latest work: Regime Change Begins at Home: Freeing America from Corporate Rule.
Dennis Fox is former Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Psychology at the University of Illinois at Springfield. He critiques mainstream psychology's role in maintaining an unjust legal, political, and socioeconomic status quo. In 1993 Dennis co-founded RadPsyNet: The Radical Psychology Network, and co-edited Critical Psychology: An Introduction (1997). He now lives near Boston where he writes a biweekly column for the Brookline TAB. Dennis's work is available on his website.
Michael Kanter is a long-time activist and the co-owner of Cambridge Naturals, a local natural products store. He is well known in the industry and the neighborhood for his experience, expertise and generosity.
Peter Kinder is an attorney who, in 1988, co-founded KLD Research and Analytics, Inc., a socially responsible investing research firm. He has written many books and articles on the subject, and has served two terms on the board of the Social Investment Forum.
  Tom Stites, a veteran reporter and editor who has been night national editor of The New York Times, associate managing editor of The Chicago Tribune, and managing editor of The Kansas City Times, is now the editor of UU World, the national magazine of the Unitarian Universalist religious denomination. He is grateful to have escaped corporate-owned newspapers in favor of a publication unrestrained by consumer advertising that can address issues of corporate power without hesitation.
Chuck Turner has held leadership roles in many organizations since the 1960s, including Circle, Inc. (Roxbury's first CDC), the Center for Community Action, the Dudley Square Task Force, and two grass roots efforts to strengthen the community’s role in the use of public lands and services. He was a counselor at EMERGE, the oldest batterers’ treatment program in the nation, and has taught at New Hampshire College. Chuck has also served on the Boards of Directors of many organizations in Boston, and has been a member of the Boston City Council since 1999.
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